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The reverse is the common case, when you need to support older plug-ins — for example bit Logic Pro can run legacy bit audio units, but bit Logic Pro cannot run bit AUs. One big difference of bit mode is that your registers are 64 bits wide, potentially allowing a single instruction to do twice as much work as it would in bit mode. Yeah sure, but you will see FL Studio bit will suck. Get a life and learn the lesson.

Time will tell I was right all along.

Can you make the interfaces bigger yet? Seriously fantastic synths and a great deal if you buy a nanokey, but bigger interfaces and some control improvements would help.

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I recently bought the 32 bit M1, my 50 yr old eyes would not mind resizing on my Analog Edition. Thanks from across the pond. Why does everyone keep saying you can use the Korg Plugins on multiple computers? When you buy it I got the M1 you get a code for that computer.

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If you try to use it on another computer it says invalid. If you want to request another one for your laptop from korguser. People often use two computers for mobile recording set-ups. If anyone knows any other way please explain! Fortunately, my old pc is still stored, so I have some hope, that I can get in on the old machine, update the darn email address and finally get what is my due.

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Bad form Korg — this is a total cop out on your behalf… Money generator by any chance???? Skip to content. Mac OS X This update requires Mac OS X The old Frontal Lobe and Zadok Sam1 from back in the day let you be able to do this, but they were very rare and pretty expensive.

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Do let us know how you get on with it! Indeed it does support Wavestation too. I'm not as yet convinced I could be bothered to go back to extensively programming the WS it was always a PITA , especially as I long ago abandoned the larger models for a space-saving SR.

If anyone out there tests this with a Wavestation I would appreciate a report to hear how it goes! My Music Mad Scientist Inventions. I believe it has a patch editor that not only can edit those patches in the virtual M1 but also those on the M1 itself. Is that correct? Forum index. Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.