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Time to Switch? Autodesk Discontinues Support for 3ds Max on Mac. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Functionality had already been limited in the app as it could only run on Apple systems via Windows using Boot Camp, which has no GPU support and severely degraded performance. But now, Autodesk has dropped support on the Mac altogether.

Users of Inventor and Revit may see support for these apps via Boot Camp disappear in the near future as well. Jay Evett more from author. BOXX vs. HP: Revit.

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After this, the installer will step you through the file paths all the different components will be installed to. Depending on how many 3d application editions you have checked for installation, this can be quite a few. The first path is the one the actual plant library model data, textures and more is installed to.

You usually don't want to change this. All paths after this first one, are the installation paths of the plugins to the different 3d application versions you selected. The purpose of this is so that the installer knows, where to install the Laubwerk Player Plugin.

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If the installer correctly detected all your 3d applications, you shouldn't have to change any of these settings, but it might be a good idea to double-check if all paths have been determined correctly. Please note, that this is not the path, the actual plugin file is installed, but always the main path your 3d application is installed to e.

At last, the installer copies the files to all the neccessary locations and will finally present you with a finish screen, which allows you to open the Plants Kit Documentation right away.


After the installation ran through successfully, Laubwerk should show up in your 3d applications main menu after startup. From there you can launch the Plant Browser and start adding greenery to your scenes. Locate the Plants Kit installer in the location, you downloaded it to. Usually this will be the "Downloads" folder available from your system tray. Start the installer to get the installation process going. Please take a moment to review the agreement, then click "Continue" and then "Agree". The next page lets you choose the components to install and where to install them.

The first component contains the actual plant models. You may also decide not to install the actual plant models if they are already installed in a network location. You may have to enlarge the "Package Name" column to see the whole name or you can click on a package name to see the full description in the description area at the bottom of the window.

What You Need to Know About Running Autodesk Products on a Mac

If they aren't that means that the installer was unable to properly detect your installation. In that case please consult the relevant paragraph in the troubleshooting section before continuing. If everything seems fine to you, press "Continue". Next comes a screen that tells you how much disk space the installation will take, please press "Install".


The installer will then ask you to provide the administrator password. After you provided the installer with the password, the installation will run through.

When you work with several machines that are connected in a network, you may want to install the plant data files into a central location that is accesible from all computers. It depends on your specific way of organizing your files as well as the 3d application you are using, but it is generally a good idea to use a location that is available under the same path from all machines. This is generally not advisable, because the installer also installs auxiliary files, which are needed for full functionality.

It is possible to run the windows installer without user interface from a the command line. An example would be:. To check if this is the case, try switching back to one of the default layouts by choosing. If you are using a different 3D application or the above didn't help, this is usually a sign, that the plugin hasn't been properly installed for that application.

Please double check that you followed all the steps in the above installation instructions. If you still can't get it to work, please contact us at support laubwerk. The Laubwerk browser stores a search path setting to determine where to look for Laubwerk plant model files.

Normally this should be set by the installer, but there are a few rare cases where this doesn't work. In case some, but not all, plants are shown in the browser, this is probably due to several Plants Kits being installed into different folders. This can for example happen, when the plant files are installed into a custom directory or moved after installation and the next installation installed new plant models into the default location. The Laubwerk Plants Kit installer checks if certain processes are running, which may prevent the installer from replacing or accessing files.