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You can create 2D titles to light up project like aligning texts and rotating.

For editing huge size of video file, it offers proxy to make the editing experience smoother. It's a free 3D graphics application and considered as one of the best free video editor for Mac. It can be used for modeling, rigging, texturing, UV unwrapping, skinning, animating, rendering, water and smoke simulations, particle and other simulations, non-linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications, animated film, video games, or other visual effects.

Blender has lots of advanced features like powerful character animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, a node-based material and compositing system, Python for embedded scripting and so on. In our impression, professional-thing costs a lot. There are two versions for those video editing software, and the lite version or the free version usually costs no money with limited features which makes them good choice for people who are looking for professional video editing solution to some degree. Blackmagic Design's Davinci Resolve has been growing from an advanced color-grading tool to an video post-production solution.

Timeline curve function is a powerful feature for you to add keyframe if you want to edit a specific scene. Also it offers full 3D editing particle systems to let you release creativity. Lightworks is a professional video editing software for Windows and Mac, its free version offers you limited export option.

7 Best Video Editing Software in + Free Tools for Mac & Windows

It includes video effects, multicam editing, titling, as well as the multi layered timeline approach which is perfect for advanced video editing needs. HitFilm Express is more like a compositing video editor, compared with Adobe After Effects, it's more easy-to-use and friendly to semi-pros. People who are not familiar with the video editing process may find using HitFilm Express difficult. You may have found the best video editor for Mac after reading this article. Wondershare Filmora9. Free Download Free Download. Liza Brown. How to Edit Videos with Wondershare Filmora9 originally Wondershare Video Editor Import Media Files Upload media files from your computer or transport from all kinds of cameras, smart phones and elsewhere.

Edit Your Video Easily complete basic video editing by clicking the icons above the timeline. Features: You can edit photos, videos, and audio files It is easy to use Pros: More than built-in video effects; unlimited tracks Cons: User interface is not friendly. Features: You can use it to create slide shows Supports capturing desktop and editing video Pros: Includes twelve studio-quality effects; Create slide shows Cons: It is discontinued to release new version.

Features: It allows you to edit several audio and video tracks You can customize shortcuts easily Pros: It is open source software Cons: Not friendly for greenhands; Update slowly.

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Features: Multi track timeline you can choose Trimming video is easy to use You can adjust constant or variable speed Pros: Learning curve is not steep; Offer advance color grading Cons: Single screen editing workflow is not friendly. Features: Various courses are available It offers Proxy for 4K More than video effects Pros: High level ideo effects compositor Cons: It lacks motion graphics feature.

We would like to see Apple do with Final Cut what it did with iTunes and release a version compatible with Windows. Before you buy this program, understand that it is centrally focused around graphics, compositing and special effects. Avid Media Composer is the most popular program used by professional Hollywood editors to create movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos and much more — and for good reason. We recommend learning the basics in a different program first. He also noted that editors should find what works best for them. When the class was over, he estimates his students chose Premier over Final Cut at about 65 percent to 45 percent.

The top editing applications make your job easy and provide the tools you need to make a flawless final cut. We evaluated video editing software based on the following criteria:. We also considered how well each step of the editing process flowed into the next and whether it is customizable enough for editors to adapt it to their personal preferences.

In addition, we checked for features like color correction tools, which adjust the tone, hue, and saturation in your shots so they match and look as vibrant and beautiful as possible.

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Another feature we looked for was stereoscopic editing, which allows you to create the illusion of depth in your video. Media Management The best professional video editing software is compatible with whatever camera, media type and file format you happen to be working with. In our evaluation, we found that every program can import and export all popular video file types, including proprietary files found on cameras and in software. We also looked for smart media bins that can automatically analyze and sort your production elements.

Additionally, we checked for content analyzers that examine your video footage and organize it by shot type, generate metadata, detect faces and recognize speech. This feature alone saves a great deal of effort and frustration by automating the syncing process. Any video editing program should be able to export your movies as popular file formats such as MOV and MP4, and the best can export videos in a dozen or more formats. We also looked for programs let you upload your projects directly to sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is a great feature because the software also optimizes your video for those specific platforms.

Additionally, we checked whether each program can author DVDs and Blu-ray discs to take your project from start to finish without needing additional software. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on professional video editing software, you should make sure your computer is equipped to handle it. Programs like Avid Media Composer use a lot of resources.

And even though your system may have the minimum requirements to run the software, you might still have trouble. Such programs are designed to work with specialized hardware with far more processing and rendering power than your average Windows or Mac machine. If you want to experience the full power of a professional video editing program, you may need to invest in a computer that is specifically designed for editing video and other highly intensive tasks.

Available Training Many professional video editing programs are becoming more and more accessible to the average user. But editing video is still complicated and time-consuming, and it takes months or years to become proficient at it. The software has limited features. Easy to use timeline for adding clips.


Has all the basic functions like slow motion, speed-up, trimming, video playback preview, etc. Enables the user to edit and capture feed direct for the PC camera. Excellent for beginners wanting to learn how to do some video editing before going into a more complicated application. Disadvantages Only available on the Windows 7 and 8 platform. Limited functionality and features. Windows 10 no longer supports Movie Maker. For the OS you have to get Movie Moments from the store. People experienced in video editing will be limited with this application.

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7 Best Video Editing Software in 12222 + Free Tools for Mac & Windows

Although VSDC free version comes with some power packed features, it does lack in quite a bit of powerful features and functionality. VSDC comes standard with audio editing and correction of color. The software is really easy to use. Disadvantages Most of the features are available only in the Pro version. Advantages Simple video editing applications for beginners. Few basic editing functions like filtering, encoding and easy cutting features. The app is not designed for anything other than the simplest video editing.

Advantages For use with most Windows Operating system platforms. Simple and has great features that are helpful for a beginner user. It has a lot of powerful editing tools that even more experienced user will find it good for video editing. The software is compatible for video uploads to media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.