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Whatever type of music you are making, and however you make it, your hobby need not cost you a fortune. They say the best things in life are free, right? Well, that applies to music production as well.

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And they are getting better and better, often sounding as good as paid-for products. So what exactly is freeware? With desktop music production, it refers to complete pieces of software that do a job without restrictions on saving as you usually find on demo software. They are usually produced by a thriving community of developers who are keen musicians and experienced software producers.

Some of these do it for fun, and others have paid-for titles that they sell alongside their free wares. Larger developers who make professional titles — think Native Instruments, u-he and many more — also have freeware and many of these release it as a cut-down version of a paid-for product. So we have complete titles produced by enthusiasts and cut-down titles advertising full, paid-for applications.

A third category includes freeware titles that were once paid for; older titles if you like. We are, of course, assuming you have a Mac, PC or iOS device, but now that expense is out the way, keep your wallet in your pocket and your money in the bank…. So, first things first, you will need a DAW Digital Audio Workstation to make music with and one that can host all of the freeware we will discuss later.

A guide to making music for free

OK, some of these are cut-down versions of the big thing, but they do work and will let you produce a complete piece of music for no outlay whatsoever. Others, as we have hinted at, might simply be older versions of a currently available DAW. Tracktion is a great sequencer for Mac, PC and Linux. You can make complete tunes with it but are limited to eight audio and MIDI tracks. It is limited to 16 tracks and will only load in AAX format freeware plug-ins. As the majority of freeware we will cover here is in the VST and AU format, you might find it limiting in your free music making efforts.

Mac owners, of course, already have a bit of a beast built-in in the form of Garageband which will run its own instruments and any AU format freeware.

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This will allow you to experience why so many artists favour the Mac and PC software but is again limited to eight instrument and 16 audio tracks. There are limitations in terms of contents and track counts — of course there are — but it will run all the AU and VST freeware plug-ins in this roundup. Not bad for free then! There are 18 effects, including modulation, delay, dynamic and equalizer, plus the rather lovely MixConsole mixer.

T7 is the not that much older version of Tracktion that is a Mac, Linux and PC DAW which has an intuitive, single-screen interface and is packed to the rafters with great instruments, effects and professional editing features. Unlimited numbers of audio and MIDI tracks make it one of the best freebies out there. In this case we have acoustic instruments such as guitars and pianos, plus great pop acoustic beats and even some vocal plug-ins to get you that Cher sound, still prevalent in pop music.

What we end up with is a kind of pop band so you can emulate pretty much all of the wide-ranging pop in the charts, from a full band, to your new country acoustics to your singleton Sheeran. Its a rather poptastic suite.

These are the free plug-ins that are more out-there than obvious, but can be applied to a wide range of genres and soundscapes. Elsewhere in this feature we have three sets of outboard freeware plug-ins, specifically for reverbs, compressors and EQs — arguably the most common effects you use in music production.

Included are some completely new ones that we have found with fantastic features and GUIs that rival paid-for software. Top developer u-he is next up with Protoverb, another great Mac, PC and Linux freebie with a more varied sound than most and a lot of different presets.

Top 7 Best Free Music Making Software | Free Music Makers

Finally, it might not look that great, but the Mac and PC OldSkoolVerb is supposed to be, well, old and features five reverb modes and a great sound. Senode is an innovative modular music app based on the idea of finite state machines. It works like a probabilistic step sequencer that can be triggered in real time from drum pads or other apps. Seamlessly integrated with Spotify, djay gives you direct access to millions of songs. NanoStudio 2 is a powerful music production environment with synthesis, sampling, sequencing, effects, automation and mixing.

It is also a fully featured host for Audio Unit instruments and effects. Create musical ideas on the go with this fun and fast mobile sequencing app. Extensive automation and sequencing options make it a truly creative tool that brings inspiration to your desktop projects. HeavyM is the easiest video mapping software in the world.

Create mindblowing animations in seconds and auto-synchronize them in real-time with your music. No need to be an expert, just be creative! ELK allows musicians to upgrade their instruments adding new sounds and features, connect musical instruments to the broader Internet and to instantly share their performances online. Technically speaking, ELK is a Music Operating System MOS : it allows hardware companies to use standard CPUs with no compromise in terms of low-latency, performance and scalability and software developers to port desktop and mobile software for use in embedded systems.

The next evolution in music software. Riffer is a creative MIDI sequencer that generates random patterns and melodies for you. Holon is an auditive mixed reality app that generates functional music from your body movements and the world around you. Holon adapts seamlessly to your activity and context.

Suggester is a tool to assist in the creation of songs and chord progressions. This app will help you find chords that work together. Madmapper is an advanced software for video and light mapping. It can map an unlimited number of videos on any real life surface, control LED arrays in realtime and more. The MPC Live is a battery-operated standalone music production center fit for the studio and the stage. Features include a Beat detect is a simple way to get the BPM of any beat by listening through the device mic.

Get real-time feedback on your playing speed or sync Link-enabled apps to the tempo of an instrument. Remixvideo is a complete VJ solution to match music and visuals using an intuitive grid of video loops. SNAP will help you create great drum patterns in any musical style, on the fly, with your fingertips.

Make Music with the Right Apps

Explore a new way to play and compose drums, and play with your drum machines via MIDI. Drum machine with sample-sculpting capabilities, parameter locks, and a performance-oriented workflow. Sync tempo using Ableton Link. Resolume is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. Avenue puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips, so you can quickly play and improvise your live visuals.

With Ableton Link built into GrandVJ, users are now allowed to get incredible accuracy and synchronization of video to the beat. A new approach to music production, KRFT is designed from the ground up focussed on expression and experimentation.

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It allow you to create music that you'd never write by hand. The easiest professional beat making app for iPhone and iPad. Record, loop, and arrange melodies, drums and audio tracks. Collaborate and share with friends around the world!