Change iphone mac address without jailbreak

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If you change your device's MAC address to something invalid, your internet won't work again until you fix the MAC address using MobileTerminal or similar. This persists even if you restore -- so you can make this really really hard to fix you can call it a form of bricking if you restore and there's no jailbreak available, if the available jailbreaks don't include afc2 and other workarounds aren't working.

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Note that changing your UDID can have weird side effects in general, including that you'll have to log in again to everything, including Apple apps. From The iPhone Wiki.

Brief Background On MAC Addresses

Jump to: navigation , search. Just download a good iPhone explorer , copy your tones to the right folders, and enjoy.

In fact, you can hide them with a simple little trick , never to be seen again. The Newsstand is a bit trickier, but luckily you can hide that too , giving you a cleaner, more organized home screen.

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If you want to unlock your phone without going through the jailbreak process, you can actually buy a remote unlock from services like CutYourSim and GSM Phone Source. You can either get it straight from your carrier which, on some data plans, is now included or use a cheap service like Tether.

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Jailbreakers have all sorts of choices when it comes to customization, but non-jailbreakers can still jazz up their home screens a little bit. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Could someone with the knowledge answer?

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Continue this thread. Why would you want to change the mac adress if i may ask? There are many reasons. A few to mention: More anonymity, Bypass network restrictions.

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What, lol. More posts from the jailbreak community. Sep 29, Cake Day. Installed anything great recently?

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  • Brief Background On MAC Addresses.
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