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In the episode "Leslie's House", Tom tries to eat a hot pepper to impress his ex-wife Wendy, who's now going out with Ron. Tom can't handle it and spends the rest of the dinner party in pain and recovering. In Breaking Bad , Tuco Salamaca puts out a cigarette on his tongue. A ten-year-old Bruce Wayne does this in Gotham by putting his hand over a lit candle.

It's enough to make poor Alfred think that the boy is self-harming in his grief, but Bruce explains that he's testing his own endurance.

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Marilyn Manson seems to do this in some of his concert videos. You ever seen videos of Rammstein performing some of their songs? Example, when performing "Sehnsucht", Till Lindemann the singer bashes his head with the microphone until he draws blood. In fact, he kept a bag of fake blood hidden in his hair and beating it with the microphone broke it, making it look like Till was bleeding. The burn injuries however, are not intentional. Tabletop Games. Given its levels of Testosterone Poisoning , it should come as no surprise that this is present in Warhammer 40, In the Imperium, the Imperial Fists regularly use a meditation aid known as a Pain Glove, which does pretty much exactly what it sounds like it does.

Outside it, Orks regularly try and get scars to show off; that the easiest way to do this is to pick fights isn't a major drawback, because the entire species are unhinged Blood Knights. In Rocket Age the initiation rituals to join the Cult of the Fanged Mother, a Venusian murder cult, involves both murder and extensive self mutilation. The women's path up the cult's ranks is far worse, involving even more self harm and psychological torment.

Clan Ghost Bear has The Clawing ritual. A warriors who've distinguished themselves are allowed to undergo a hunt of the clan's totem animal, which is basically a Dire Polar Bear. A small party of hungers is sent out with nothing but a spear apiece and a pair of hunting dogs. The objective is to kill and skin a Ghost Bear and make a cloak out of its hide. Injuries are common and often leave the warrior with permanent scars and disfigurements.

Because of the danger, there's no dishonor in failing to kill a bear. Clan Hell's Horses has a similar ritual: The Branding. A team of six warriors get sent out to capture the Clan's totem animal, which is a carnivorous Dire Horse, brand it, and release it unharmed. Again, permanent scars and disfigurements are common. There's no dishonor in failing to capture and brand a horse, but those who succeed get tattooed with the Mark Of The Horse. Those who fail the ritual due to failing to cooperate or arguing with their fellows, however, get branded with the Mark Of Hell. Video Games.

The Intro to the Dante's Inferno game. Dante sews a cross-shaped cloth that details all his sins onto his bare chest. Star Control II: The Slylandro living gas bags who live in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet mention that if they try to sink too low into their homeworld, the increased pressure can cause them to rupture. As a result, young Slylandro will sometimes dive as deep as they can without killing themselves, and regard the scars they get from such activities as marks of toughness which are also popularly regarded as attractive to females.

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Parodied with the Thraddash. Their Culture Three encountered a problem when coming into power as the previous culture already epitomized extreme strength and endurance.

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To impress them, Culture Three soldiers would stand on a tall hill where everyone could see them and cut off one of their own limbs, and then wave it at their enemies. Surprisingly, it worked and Culture Two armies ran away without a fight. At war parades Culture Three heroes would roll around on the ground because they had no legs to walk on.

Later cultures regard them as a bit of an Old Shame. Warcraft offers us a few examples with the rites of passage in some orcish clans: Members of the Shattered Hand clan mangle one of their hands and replace it with a weapon to honor their chieftain, Kargath Bladefist. And finally, members of the Lightning's Blade Clan had to stand on top of a mountain in a thunderstorm with their axes lifted, and survive being struck by lightning at least three times.

In Arcanum: The finger bone was later turned into a powerful relic, solely through its inherent badassitude. In order to prove your devotion to the cause of the Assassins in Assassin's Creed , you have to hack off your own ring finger.

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This is why the Hidden Blade is designed to be unusable unless the ring finger is missing. Heavily lampshaded in the second game, where Leonardo modifies the Hidden Blade to be usable with the finger still on and then briefly tries to talk Ezio into removing the finger anyway , and some of the Codex pages written by Altair mention that the Assassins eventually decided this was a stupid tradition. They still keep part of this tradition, however. An Assassin's initiation from Ezio's time onward involves branding the Assassin sigil onto the neophyte's ring finger with hot iron and having him perform the Leap of Faith immediately afterwards.

Finch from Tales from the Borderlands is said to let people shoot him in the chest for fun, though he also charges them 40 bucks. Torgue weapons in Borderlands 2 invoke this, partially as an advertising strategy, partially because Mr. Torgue is a nutcase who sweats testosterone and blasting gelignite. Instead of designing sleek, curved, high-tech devices like Maliwan or Hyperion, or simple and lightly adorned guns like Tediore or Dahl, Torgue guns are deliberately built to be chunky and weigh a ton even without the clips of exploding bullets, just so you can prove you're tough enough to carry one.

Web Comics. Rowasu of Juathuur makes a scar on his body for every person he kills. And he kills a lot. Oglaf takes this trope to the logical extreme in "Beot. Western Animation.

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In the Justice League cartoon, Draaga burns an "S" on his chest to remind himself of his vendetta against Superman. In an episode of Cow and Chicken , Sargent Weenie Arms forces Chicken, Flem and Earl to shave with smooth rocks and chop trees down with their faces, among other things. The Manotaurs from Gravity Falls seem to love hurting themselves and each other. Stan Smith from American Dad!

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The Salty Spitoon in the Spongebob Square Pants sometimes asks its patrons to prove their toughness in this manner. Apparently eating a bowl of nails for breakfast isn't enough to get in An episode of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack centered on the idea that "real adventurers" sleep in the most uncomfortable places imaginable , like on rocks or in boxes, earning Flapjack all sorts of mockery for being a "cuddler" who always winds up sleeping on the whale Bubbie's tongue.

It was actually K'nuckles who had to sleep that way and kept hiding it while moving Flapjack in his sleep so he could feel better about himself, which he admits in an Engineered Public Confession. More Less.

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Step 2: Ask a question. I know that there is not option to unlock the read-only tag when i open the "get info" command. Although I still get the warnings when mounting, installing the ntfs-3g plus its 3 dependencies did the trick on mavericks.

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  7. You've no idea how much of a compliment that is. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: What format is it? Did you check the Ignore Privileges box in Get Info window? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Queen Balloon Queen Balloon. I just bought a Toshiba StorE TV multimedia device, and my macbook shows this external hard disk as a read only.

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