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The overall work space has been completely replaced with a sleeker, refined, opening screen. Gone is the photo adjust work place which was seldom used anyway and essentially using presupplied scripts to create certain photo effects. Now, there is a home, manage and edit overall menu items.

They do exactly what their names apply. The pesky opening of trying to sell you other Corel products are gone and there are no pop up ads either. Of note, you can now open start in an essentials and complete edit mode, which is the heart and soul of the product. Essentials starts with a more paint-like editing interface, while complete gives you the Adobe Photoshop Elements [Mac Download].

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Let me start out saying that it would have gotten 5 stars but with issues I had downloading it to my MacBook Pro was so ridiculous that I almost requested a refund. In order to install it I had to contact Adobe for them to send me a different download link and even then due to size it took forever. I purchased this on June 3, and finally got it downloaded and installed on June 7, am!!!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!! Couldn't edit any photos for my business for 3 days.

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  • 1. Affinity Photo.

In stock. Very easy to use.

Adobe Photoshop CS2

You can seamlessly work between your phone and your laptop. Saves a ton of time and effort. My 10 years old son, want to learn video editing, so he ask me to get this for him, and he is doing great work for his age, editing video games videos, and family vacations video, I'm really happy this product is easy for him to use, with the help of youtube tutorial videos, he is leaning a lot.

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The power, scope, and beauty of this product is truly fabulous. This has everything I could want and more. I had a very complex jpg image of a painting and PaintShop Pro offered to save it in so many different formats I did not stop to count. Just the copyright protection and invisible Digimarc embedding of tracking was enough to keep my client coming back forever. This inexpensive, powerful interactive development tool is a weapon on of mass destruction in the hands of a true artist. This is a very user-friendly pain app which has some unusual features which make it a fun application to play with and I'm not even an artist.

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Posted 1 day ago — By Erica Katherina. Computing 1. Consumers looking for a copy of Photoshop run the risk of purchasing pirated software. If a buyer purchases from sites such as Craigslist and Amazon Marketplace, they may end up with a pirate copy, especially if the copy is sold at a sizeable discount. To be safe, customers should try to purchase first-hand copies from authorised sellers such as Amazon not Amazon Marketplace or Best Buy.

If a customer has purchased a copy of Photoshop and are unclear as to whether or not it is a pirate copy, then they should head to Adobe. If it is a pirate copy, the buyer will be alerted, and can respond by returning the product. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

Learn more. Looking for Windows version? Full paid version In English Version: Download Adobe Photoshop Download for Mac.