How to download optifine mac 1.6.2

Optifine modded 1.6.2 jar, closes client with bad class state (Exit Code 1)

MinecraftDL is an illicit mod redistribution site with no content oversight. It's not a trustworthy download source. But anyway, if you're getting that error without any mods then mods aren't relevant to the question, and it should be rewritten to clearly describe the situation in which the error occurs. Try to find the folder 'Versions' click 1. Billy Mailman Billy Mailman 16k 9 9 gold badges 70 70 silver badges 97 97 bronze badges. I'm not getting anything in the local versions list.

I have renamed everything, as you instructed to a random name, even the.

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Usually I can figure these things out, but not this time. Is there an official link or something to this? Answer has been updated, sorry about that. Cheers, managed to figure it out before reading this again.

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Billy Mailman - I can't find the version in the Minecraft launcher. I went into edit profile and checked under the versions and it wasnt there. I have edited everything both in the.

Minecraft: How To Install Optifine For 1.6.2 + With Forge (Linux/Mac/Windows)

Make sure you've got the latest launcher, and try again, maybe? Arperum 7, 10 10 gold badges 57 57 silver badges 88 88 bronze badges. Timtech Timtech 1, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges.

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The universal-OS installer used since 1. Rory 3, 5 5 gold badges 33 33 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. This has already been established to not work; the 1. So any mods installed are removed on launch.

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See the above method. This is downvoted beacsuse it is 1. This is 1. TheIdiotGamer your comment is incorrect. Featured on Meta. Skip this step if you have already downloaded the Minecraft version you would like to use.

OPTIFINE | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

You can either choose to use the Minecraft launcher or download it manually. You will now download Forge and OptiFine into the. The rest of this guide is continued on the next page. You will use the new Minecraft version you just created as the existing version in that guide.

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Jump to: navigation , search. There you'll find a TinkerModules. Enable the Smeltery there. A: Active development always focuses on the current version of Minecraft. A: Optifine changes how rendering works. If it crashes the game, there's nothing I can do about that. Tinkers' Construct does not use any special rendering.

choose a major version to see downloads:

Sign Up. Getting Started Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else.

Minecraft Forge: Mods installieren leicht gemacht

What changed since 1. Materials changed, each material has unique traits Some new materials Part materials matter more. Some traits can only be obtained by using a material as a tool head Part replacement Tools with mutliple head materials can be repaired with all of them Tinkers' Construct does not come with copper ore, tin ore, etc. Q: Optifine crashes my game with Tinkers'!