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How to make your phone number more private on Facebook

I dont know if it is a facebook issue or not, but I recently purchased my first android phone. As I was setting it up I discovered that it had sucked up ALL of my facebook friends phone numbers and added them to my contacts. I did NOT ask it to do this, most of them I would not call and do not need that much information on them. And now I cannot delete them. So you can get this information from facebook without even trying?

How to see private facebook pictures mac

What's even worse is that it can get it wrong. I just tried my mobile phone number and FB thought it belonged to my next door neighbour. Facebook have never asked me for my mobile or landline phone number and I don't have it on my profile. Unfortunately many other Facebook users have had the experience of the site asking for their mobile phone number.

In some cases, FB has insisted upon it for security reasons. The only problem I have with this article is the meeting someone at a party example. Why would you readily give your number and not name? I'm far too old for such things, and even when I wasn't it never happened to me alas, but I can imagine that young hot-to-trot people might exchange phone numbers and just their first name rather than wanting to reveal their entire identity. Even when I had a Facebook account, I never gave them my phone number.

But I dumped Facebook quite some time ago when I realized that, as Graham says, "Once again, Facebook chose the least private default for your information. Every one of their new "features" defaults to the LEAST amount of privacy, and it's incumbent upon the user to constantly be mucking around in the privacy settings to turn off the endless stream of new privacy abuses.

I finally got tired of trying to keep up with all the new and different ways in which they consistently tried to undermine my privacy. I flushed my account. I don't believe they will ever change. Zuckerberg once called his users "dumb fucks". Facebook's persistent attempts to find new ways of exploiting users' personal information at the expense of their privacy provides no evidence that he has ever changed that attitude. Well, fine. Thank you so much for these useful blogs — I thought I was pretty au fait with Facebook privacy and had high privacy settings but you can never be too careful it seems!

How to View Private Facebook Profile Picture Which is Locked by Your Friend

What do you make of Google mail doing much the same thing in asking for mobile no. Have to say I'm pretty reluctant to hand it over. Google have been nagging me for months to provide them with a number every time I have to login, and they won't leave me logged in for more than a couple of weeks. I just use the Skip option. If they get to the stage where it becomes mandatory, then they'll get a fake number. If I forget my password — which is the only reason they think they need it — then it's my problem.

I distrust Google only somewhat less than I distrust Facebook. Their motto, "Don't be evil", conveniently avoids any definition of what they mean by "evil", and in any case it's a far cry from "Be good".

Your phone number may not be as private on Facebook as you think – and how to fix it

They used their street view cam as a pretext for mapping the location of wireless routers. How do I know they're not tracking the location of mobile phones? You know, this business about offering so-called "free" services that aren't free at all really bugs me.

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I understand that Google is in business, and that it's not reasonable to expect them to provide services that are really free. What bugs me is that they hide what the real cost in privacy actually is. If they were honest and open about it — "Here's the deal. We'll provide you with this, and in exchange, you let us do that. But that's not what they do. Read their terms of service. It's a monument to ambiguity. And how about this one: "Google processes personal information on our servers in many countries around the world.

We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live. Google will never get my phone number. If giving them a phone number becomes a requirement of having an account, then I will not have an account. In that case, the price of their "free" services will be far too high. Like duh! I don't have a cell phone. I have 2 people that I chat with.. I tried phoning facebook but, but they aren't answering the phone..

Yes, that security screen saying that you need to add a mobile phone number to make your account more secure is confusing to some. And it says your security risk is high if you don't enter it. Some people think they HAVE to enter their number just to get past this screen. If you have never been asked for your phone number, perhaps they already have it? Possibly you gave it years ago, and don't remember?

I get this security screen whenever I log out, and back in again.

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I keep a list of girls I'm hitting on and sometimes only select them to chat with. Imagine my confusion when these were the only profiles listed under PrivacyData ;. MeowWoem on Dec 9, I don't view my number 3, like at all, even from the start of facebook, but she is my best friend and I'm on there like.. My number 2, I don't view that often but I know he has a huge thing for me, so I believe it is by most times they have viewed your page. My number one is my best friend and I know he views my page more than once a day because he told me so. So that is the only way I can think of how this works..

So I would think. And I don't think its anything to do with chatting or liking posts. I tried this today for the first time. I think the list is who views my profile, in descending order. So this list is not related to "chat" interactions for me. Next 3 is a friend whom I rarely view, but she often comments and likes my stuff, so I know she views me.

The next 10 or so include some people I view and interact with, but also an equal number of people I rarely eventhink about. IMO, it's not about about being related to chat messages or not related. It's definitely related.

1. Hack Facebook Account Using Software (“Bruteforce Method”)

The 1 on my list has moved up to that spot recently, while our chatting has increased and interactions have decreased. There is some formula that we don't know and likely won't ever know. I maintain, as I said below, that the users are assigned values from -1 to 1 with our various interactions factoring into that. The jackpot question people seem to want to answer is whether it's a one-sided statistic or two-sided. Apothem on Dec 19, According to some research, it seems it only takes into account who would be viewing your profile.

People I've tested this with say they would check someone's profile non-stop daily but would have them on that list all the way down to 10 or so. I think a problem is also trying to create a reference for this. Like how often they view it or how much is needed to get to the top spot. How many times does the top person interact with our profile? Because realistically, it could be anything without a reference. Also, did you get any more info on when it updates?

I've been keeping an eye on the sound thing and it has not changed. However, in hindsight I think I looked at the wrong section of code for what I thought I was looking for. Mine is turned off currently, but I will turn it on and refresh the page source to see if it changes. Kilbourn on Dec 23, I'm not so sure. I've been watching this since I found out about it a few days ago and it seems like it goes both ways.

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I took a few people who were numbers 15 or 16 on my list didn't automatically show up on chat list and went out of my way to like a few of their photos. They all started showing up on chat even when they weren't online.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles Without Being a Friend

Just checked and it updated immediately to "true" when I turned Chat Sounds back on and immediately to "false" when I subsequently unchecked the setting. So that at least leaves open the possibility that the ID number list updates automatically. MehFeh on Dec 22, You can see in the sample below that the nodes are denoted by Twitter accounts; the edges by retweets. Now this is a very minor example, but when we blow this up to a large scale and add millions of people, we start to see patterns arise. Through these patterns, companies can then create algorithms to target certain groups of people.

Here is a quick example for you - this graph below, created with a piece of software called Graphistry , was created by scraping gathering Twitter tweets over a specific point in time. What this is directly referencing is the FalseFlag narrative that surrounded the Christchurch Mosque shooting. This graph was compiled by JessBots on twitter. It's a brilliant account that I highly recommend. What causes this?