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The mail server in OS X is called Postfix. Although it is ready to use, it is not unconditionally activated.

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To turn it on constantly, download the freeware called "WitiSMTP" and turn on the outgoing mail server. Get a text editor such as the free TextWrangler, and open the following files to make typical adjustments. Change PHP settings. First, raise the PHP memory limit.

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  • Moodle recommends a memory limit of 16M, not the default 8M. To do this, find the php. Second, raise the limit for file uploads.

    Pathway Tools Installation Guide -- Linux and MacOS X (Intel only)

    The default limit with this Apple setup seems to be 2mb or 8mb, which is very small for course uploads, large documents, and multi-media files. Raise it to 20MB or higher, and you can adjust limits inside Moodle modules later.

    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Installation Sensation (on My First iMac) - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

    I raised my setup to 80M, in order to upload large courses, such as the California State Introducation to Moodle course 67mb. To do this, go to the php. Change the defaults to the following:. Remember, you as the administrator, can limit uploads in specific modules such as forums as well. Then restart Apache or restart your whole server.

    In fact, log out all users for best performance. Wash coffee cups, toss chewed up pencils, and wipe your desk off. Congratulate yourself on some excellent webmastering. And bask in the glory of having a real Mac server that you know how to easily control and configure. Jump to: navigation , search.

    Install the User Client on Mac OS X

    Step 1: Prepare your Server a. Step 2: Install PHP a. Step 4: Make a Secure Database for Moodle a.

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    Step 6: Make a Cron Job Several Moodle functions require periodic actions called "cron jobs" such as sending out email messages from forums. LimitRequestBody 0 Then restart Apache or restart your whole server. Step 9: Clean Up Wash coffee cups, toss chewed up pencils, and wipe your desk off. Note for OS X Note: Since 0. You can modify it to use with a Carbon executable take out the 4 instructions that start the executable with X A slightly improved version of this script for Carbon apps is also available for downloading from here.

    Install the User Client on Mac OS X

    With 0. Since there are still a lot of Mac PowerPC users, you might want to build an application for both archs, or even create a universal binary. Before you're able to cross-compile, you must make sure, that the IDE Environment compiler settings are correct. If you need to cross-compile an application or LCL using Lazarus , you should define "fpc" binary as a compiler.

    Thoughts from a combined Apple/Linux/Windows geek.

    Of course, you specify the necessary compiler manually ppc - for Intel, ppcppc - for PowerPC , but using "fpc" is more correct and easier. If you are using an Intel Mac and want to compile an application for PowerPC, you need to do the following. Rebuild the application if you have compiled an intel application it will be overwritten with powerpc app. If you are not sure about the target CPU of the binary, you can use the command-line tool "lipo" to check it.

    If you have Lazarus and FPC installed from. If you don't use the provided.

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    If you want to install Bsoft in a different location, change the environment variable BSOFT to point to the appropriate directory:. Copy the distribution file to the desired directory e. Note for Mac OS X In addition, the command line tools must also be installed after Xcode:. All programs are compiled with the C-shell script "bmake" in the main bsoft directory the -w option prevents display of warnings :.