Mac fan making buzzing noise

Hard drive, optical CD drive, or one or more of the fans inside. Can you localize the sound upper back, or bottom edge, where the speakers are? You could boot to your Apple Hardware test.

imac fan noise

It's on the original Disk 1 that came with your system. Boot with that disk in the drive, holding the letter D for diagnostics Run the extended test.

Buzzing, grinding noise coming from rear and centerish?

Maybe the noise will be more obvious with that test, or you will get a failure code of some kind. Post any error code that you get, and someone may be able to help you decide what to do next. I often will suspect a hard drive, when I hear unusual new noises, especially since you have been treating the drive poorly.

Forcing the power off after a freeze is not helping the situation. But, sounds like you have no choice at that point, eh? If that repairs errors, run the Repair Disk again, until no problems are found. Come back here with what you find out if anything.

I have just tested both extended test from original install disk and repair disk from leopard install disk and both came out clean. No errors. Any other ideas?

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The hardware test won't tell you about any noises Did you still hear that noise while the test was running? If the noise is intermittent, then you should try to discover if you can find what causes the noise when does it happen?

Macbook Pro Fan Always On

Is there some app that you are using when it suddenly starts making noise? Is there anything else that you can say would be distinctive about the noise? Can you make the noise start whenever you want it? I have lots of other ideas, but most all will require you to take the iMac in to have someone localize that sound. Or, if you want to try - take the back off, plug in a power cord, turn it on, and try to pin down the exact location of the noise.

If you are not comfortable with doing that, then take to someone who knows what they're looking at.

Thanks for the tips, I will take note when I hear the sound again and try to find the circumstances. Stay by! Hi, I've heard it again some, it comes and goes at seemingly random times. I logged off with Task Manager, then clicked the Restart button on the log on screen, and it started to restart, but got stuck for 20 minutes or so. Eventually I cut the power, and when I turned the computer back on a couple minutes later, I noticed for a split second before the gray apple logo shows up, I saw a folder with something written on it the same color and basically same size as the apple logo that showed up a split second later.

If it was made prior to June , you'll use the Apple Hardware Test. After that date, you'll use Apple Diagnostics. These tools operate in a similar fashion. With your MacBook plugged in and all external peripherals removed, restart it and hold down the D key to start either diagnostic program.

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  • Follow the onscreen instructions to start the test. The standard test takes only a minute or two to complete and will report any hardware issues. For a more thorough investigation, you can check a box to run an extended test that will take an hour or more to complete.

    Check out this Apple Support page of reference codes that may appear in the Test Results section after the test completes.

    The dreaded MBP buzzing/whirring noise | MacRumors Forums

    There are three codes, all starting with "PPF," related to the cooling fan. If you get one of the results that indicates there may be an issue with your fan, it's time to contact Apple Support or visit your nearest Genius Bar for a repair. If your Mac is clean and grime-free and you are keeping your apps and tabs in check and the fan is still spinning frequently and loudly, then try resetting the System Management Controller SMC. The SMC is responsible for controlling low-level functions on your Mac including "thermal management," aka the cooling fan.

    This noise emanates from the lower-right corner of the laptop, near where the optical drive is located. The fault here if that is the case is that the fan is so repeatedly started and stopped, such that it is noticeably active over a long period of time. The fan never seems to come on and stay on, it ramps up and then dies.

    Fix Fan Noise & Overheating After Upgrading Mac OS X with an SMC Reset

    High pitched squeal. Some machines mine included exhibit a high-pitched squeal that seems to go away temporarily when the tilt of the display is adjusted. On my machine, this problem was rectified in the first round of repairs, though the other issues including display buzzing were not. Many MBP owners report higher-than normal heat of the machine.

    Heat Expansion

    For me, the temperature is hot enough on the top of the machine, that my hands get sweaty and very uncomfortable, just by typing. The heat problem has recently gotten more press than any of the sound issues, and is alleged to be caused by an excess of thermal grease. I have not yet installed This is a simple application that quits immediately after silencing the CPU whine. Essentially it opens access to the iSight camera and then quits before closing access.