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Both my children Carrie and Jason and my six grandchildren live near by.

After many years of hiding my head in the sand in the face of modern technology my son and grandson, Ben have dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, by setting up this website for me. Luis Arcas Brauner 20 October - July , Valencia, Spain A widely admired painter of portraits including those of Spanish royalty , landscapes and still life. He enrolled in the School of Commerce at his father's insistence. Arcas, who wanted to devote himself to the arts, eventually entered the Escuela Superior de Bellas artes de San Carlos in Valencia, where he studied until In that year he held his first exhibition.

His work was widely exhibited in Spain and in North and South America. He died in Cambridge, England, in July , aged Five years after his death, his work was celebrated as part of Un siglo de pintura valenciana A century of Valencian painting in Valencia. Luis Arcas Brauner art. Michael H. He worked on the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia , and on Pinocchio. After performing his military service in , Arens became a regular newspaper strip artist with Hey, Mac! Arens began producing Disney characters for overseas comics such as the British Huckleberry Hound comic in Arens had a parallel career in animation from , working as a story director for Grantray-Lawrence on their Spider-Man and Marvel Superheroes animated shows.

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White's classic novel about a pig trying to avoid being killed for Christmas. Abridged from biographical notes by Steve Holland. Mike Arens art. Arnaud Dombre 4 January - 7 July Arnaud Dombre, who used the pseudonym of Arno, was born in France and traveled all over the world including Iraq, Uruguay and Chile from a very young age because his father was a French teacher.

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His interest in comics was forbidden by his parents, but he insisted and continued to study art in France at The Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. Here, he met Alejandro Jodorowsky, with whom he began a collaboration on the world-renowned 'Alef-Thau' series. In , Arno illustrated the collection of short stories "Kids". Three years later, while he was working on the eighth 'Alef-Thau' album, Arno died in Paris. Source: Illustration Art Gallery Arno art. John J Arnold John J. Arnold was a commercial artist specialising in transport.

He also illustrated other forms of transport, including sailing ships and paddle steamers.

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From biographical notes by Steve Holland. John J Arnold art. Martin Asbury Martin Asbury grew up addicted to comics, trawling through newsagents and book shops looking for American comics. Martin's College of Art. Apart from illustrating a story for a comic book giveaway, his first illustrative work included the sheet music for Ron Grainer's The Maigret Theme and painting cardboard cut-outs for use on TV. An advert in an magazine led him to apply for a job as an assistant for "an international cartoonist"; this was on Flash Gordon and Asbury moved to Austria for six months before clashes with Dan Barry led to his departure.

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Back in England he designed cards for Hallmark , rising to become their chief designer. Married in , he decided to go freelance and found work drawing for D. Thomson's Bunty. He was to draw the strip for 21 years, working initially with Jim Edgar. From , Asbury also scriptwrited the strip. In the early days of the strip, Asbury was also able to continue working for Look-In, his strips for that paper including 'Dick Turpin', 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century'. However, an opportunity arose in the early s for a change in artistic direction.

Asbury explained how he became a storyboard artist in an interview in Starlog: "When I was a strip cartoonist, I occasionally did TV commercial storyboards. A friend of mine Dez Skinn had an agency dealing with design and graphics and one day a man literally walked in off the street looking for a storyboard artist. I met this guy, production designer Stuart Craig, and he was about to start work on the film Greystoke with director Hugh Hudson.

It was that simple.

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I didn't know they were going to be fed through a copying machine and come out as grey blotches. I learned my lesson on that. He continues to work as a storyboard artist, his most recent work being for the upcoming Between Two Worlds. Taken from biographical notes by Steve Holland. Martin Asbury art. Leslie Ashwell Wood c. See illustrators issue 4 for a Leslie Ashwell Wood feature article. Leslie Ashwell Wood art. Ray Aspden Ray Aspden has been an irregular comic strip writer and illustrator for 35 years, contributing Philpot Bottles' Orfice Boys Own to Denis Gifford's Ally Sloper in , a cartoon strip that harked back to the s penny comics, which would often feature a column from the paper's office boy recounting in badly spelled text what had been happening that week.

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  • Ray, also a playwright, started writing for D. Thomson in the late s, selling two stories to Victor , of which only one appeared Stokehold Joe in In , having spotted an advert in The Guardian, he contacted the editors of the upcoming science fiction pocket library, Starblazer , and began contributing scripts. A second story, a reworking of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, followed, published as 'Sinister City' Starblazer Ray eventually became one of Starblazer's most regular writers, penning 28 issues published between and Discussing his work for the series recently, he admitted that the pattern set for those years was to have one in three of his outlines accepted, either immediately or after some amendment.

    One ploy used by the editors was to send a cover, bought through an agency, and have Ray write a story around it - 'Terror Tomb' Starblazer 62 being one example. His best-known work for the series featured Hadron Halley , the idea springing from a reversal of 'sci-fi' science fiction - that fi-sci could stand for Fighting Scientist. The concept of 'Moonsplitter' Starblazer 50 was to contrast the rational scientific approach of Halley to the gung-ho militarism of General Larz Pluto, although in writing the latter as a buffoon he "transgressed Thomson's moral code of wanting figures of authority to be seen as worthy of respect.

    As well as his Starblazer writing, Aspden also began contributing strips to two Welsh language publications Sboncyn and Deryn in the early s, writing and drawing two humour strips, Jac-Do and Alys Ofalus. Sboncyn was relaunched as Penbwl in , for which Aspden wrote and drew Huwi Hurt , a Dennis the Menace-type character which Aspden turned into a Hungry Horace clone. The monthly comic folded in Since , Aspden has written and drawn two regular strips for Spaceship Away! His first comics work appeared in when he drew the series I bucanieri for Risveglio, which was distributed around schools in Venice.

    After taking only one examination, he left school and moved to Milan, finding work with the publicity agency SPINTA where his workload included drawing movie posters featuring many of the actors in vogue at the time. Two years later, the company went bankrupt and Asteriti found himself in Milan without any work. Not wishing to return to Venice in defeat, Asteriti hawked his portfolio around various publishers. His interest in comics had developed as a child and, whilst still in Venice, he had known Giorgio Trevisan and Leone Frollo, the latter a Venetian contemporary who introduced him to Giorgio Bellavitis, and other members of the Asso di Picche group, Faustinelli, Ongaro and Pratt.

    In he joined the group of talented newcomers who began working for Caregaro's Edizioni Alpe around that era. Asteriti created the character Bingo Bongo , the comic adventures of a young black boy, for the weekly Cucciolo. His work also continued to appear in Italy. In the early s he also drew Hayawatha for Corriere dei Piccoli in collaboration with Antonio Lupatelli. In , Asteriti produced Pippo e la vacanza culturale , his first strip for the Italian Disney magazine Topolino. Over the next decade he contributed to Disney Italia with increasing regularity and quickly became recognised as one of the leading contributors, both as an artist and, since , a scriptwriter a task he occasionally shared with his older brother, Franco , and eventually dropped his other work in order to concentrate on Disney characters full time, especially Mickey Mouse.

    Asteriti has described Mickey as "the best friend of my childhood", a character with whom he grew up. He was awarded Il Premio Papersera in Sergio Asteriti art. Michel Atkinson Something of a mystery man with regards to cover artwork.

    Artists' Biographies

    There were some fairly substantial gaps during which time he was probably doing book covers. Although fairly prolific, it is likely that 'Michel' as he signed most of his book covers found more regular work outside of producing book covers for paperbacks and for Fleetway Publications from the mids onwards. Michel Atkinson art. In the former category, he famously inked the work of Jack Kirby when Kirby was at his peak in the s and s, including early episodes of The Fantastic Four; as a penciller he is best known for his work on Sgt.

    He was raised in Poultney, near Lake Cayuga, and later said that growing up on his uncle's farm contributed to his ability to draw horses. Ayers published his first comic strip in the military newspaper Radio Post in After leaving the army, he took an adventure story he had written and drawn to Dell Comics; they planned to publish it but the project was scrapped before publication.

    In , he was taking evening classes at Burne Hogarth's Cartoonists and Illustrators School in New York City where he met Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, who would drop in to visit classes, and Marvin Stein, who was teaching classes as well as being Shuster's chief assistant. Visiting Shuster's nearby studio, Ayers began producing occasional pencils for Funnyman.

    Whenever trouble loomed, the spineless Calico proved to be a master gunfighter. After five episodes, he revealed an even deeper secret: he was in truth Federal Marshal Rex Fury. Dressed in a phosphorescent costume and riding a white stallion named Spectre, he becomes The Ghost Rider. He also added stories featuring Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders, based on the boy cowboy of the popular radio series, to his schedule in At the same time, he began working for Atlas Comics the forerunner to today's Marvel Comics , drawing horror stories and a revival of The Human Torch.

    Ayers was so busy, he employed Ernie Bache as an assistant and set up a small studio in the kitchen of an apartment owned by his wife's employer. So we were down and we had, mostly, just Charlton. We didn't quite make it. I lettered first and then I would pencil, and then I'd ink the outlines and then I'd give it to Ernie. Ernie would erase the page laughs and then he would finish it. He would put on all the blacks and the Kraft-Tone and bring in all that stuff.