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Remove a page border

Remember to Refresh your page. Microsoft Word has long had the option of displaying the page margins as "text boundaries.

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Note that the Horizontal and Vertical Rulers also display the margins, but this is not quite as intuitive for many users. Here are two screenshots of the same document in Word with Text Boundaries displayed and not displayed:. Many Word users use this feature to tell them, at a glance, where their page margins are.

Shauna Kelly recommended turning them on in her beginner's tutorial. Personally, I found them distracting and simply used the Rulers. However, the designers at Microsoft were apparently unaware that these dotted lines were even being used for this purpose and changed their text layout engine in Word. This changed the display of these dotted lines to a paragraph boundary rather than a page boundary.

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As reported by Suzanne Barnhill and others, Microsoft's take on this is that text boundaries are " a feature that was never supposed to be a feature," "a window into the internals of word" that should probably never have been exposed to users. The feature " just draws a border around [Word's] internal drawing rectangles," and those have now changed with the switch to a hardware-accelerated display.

If you want to remove a border, select None. Under Style , select the line style you want.

Text Boundaries Display in Microsoft Word

Select the arrow under Color and choose a border color. Select the arrow under Width and choose the width you want.

Word for the web does not let you edit, delete, or add new borders to text. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.

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