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Moysey89 View Profile View Posts. It's coming. The developers had some issues with crashes and stuff, but it's probably the main thing they are currently working on and trying to fix. I have the same problem, I read an article written a week ago that said they would have it "soon".

The Go Outside achievement might have you questioning the very nature of reality.

Now, I like release dates and "soon" just doesn't cut the mustard XD. I can't wait!

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Mogie View Profile View Posts. There hasn't been anymore said than I've heard, though I'd really like to play this on my macbook pro but sadly I cannot.

The Stanley Parable Creator's New Game The Beginner's Guide Coming to PC and Mac Tomorrow

The game is not here to fight you; it is inviting you to dance. Based on the award-winning Source mod of the same name, The Stanley Parable returns with new content, new ideas, a fresh coat of visual paint, and the stunning voicework of Kevan Brighting.

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For a more complete and in-depth understanding of what The Stanley Parable is, please try out the free demo. Dynamic Narration. Multiple Endings. Choices Matter. The Stanley Parable only launched on PC late last week, but has already hit a significant sales milestone. The Stanley Parable releases today on Steam and you can watch the launch trailer below. The game began life as a Half-Life mod and was greenlit by Valve through Steam Greenlight a year ago. Unusual and well-received exploratory game The Stanley Parable popped up on Steam today and now boasts an October 18 release date.

The Stanley Parable passed through Steam Greenlight almost exactly one […].

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Check after the jump for lovely new screenshots of the almost finished revision of the game. The game, if you can call it that, looks to be a unique take on how game narrative affects and is affected by player actions.

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  5. The latest Humble Bundle is full of great stories. The Stanley Parable has sold 1 million copies. You know what really works?

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    The one based very, very closely! I took the theme of The Stanley Parable to be that if everything is predetermined and that is certainly made clear , there is no choice.

    The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – The Game Awards Trailer

    At least 10 endings, probably more. No thanks, it looks so hipster it should be wearing jeans rolled up to the ankles and strutting through Shoreditch. Normally I would agree with you, games like Journey or Flower are boring wastes of time, but the Stanley Parable had me genuinely laughing out loud at certain points, and is definitely worth a try. Tuffcub not liking an independent game about something other than explosions and with sub AAA graphics?

    Actually I automatically hate anything that people tell me I should like — as the headline does. Bugger off I can make my own opinions!

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    I have to agree with TB here. Not liking the tone of the headline. Just a personal gripe. Found it extremely boring. The only funny bit was the narrator but a game should not just stand on that. I would agree with this entirely.