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Next page. VicTsing MM 2. In Stock. One of the perks of living in the 21st century is the constant stream of technology that is available for us to use. The majority of people know how to use laptops and computers, but most of us are not computer wizards. The majority of people use simple computer skills for work and leisure purposes, whom I would define as an average computer user.

As a college student who uses the internet for leisure and study purposes as well as basic Microsoft Office functions, I would classify myself as an average computer user. Thus, I am writing this review for the average computer user. A month ago, I was in the market for purchasing a wireless mouse to use on my laptop.

The primary reasons for purchasing this mouse was due to the numerous Add to cart. It is a good little mouse at a reasonable price. Smooth operation though a little sensitive. I'm a laptop trackpad hater! As for wireless mouses, my legit Apple mouse is lovely to look at and my Amazon Basics mouse is convenient to carrybut they both have a unique tendency to have low or dead batteries when I need them most.

This wired mouse saves my last nerve from fraying: it connects without issue to a variety of laptops in the house and does its job without complaining. I like the full size and the shape in hand, and the scroll wheel and buttons are responsive. I've used this mouse with Mac, PC, and Windows laptops. The only bump in the road was with our newest MacBook which has thunderbolt ports; needed the USB adapter for that one. Love the mouse.

Your grip style is critical to your satisfaction!

Always ready for me and no notices to change batteries which I find such a pain because I can never get the back of the mouse open to put in the batteries, broken a lot of nails trying to replace the batteries of a wireless. Love the mouse! For the most part it works very well. Nonetheless, the mouse works just great! I have used this mouse for the past 5 years for about 10 hours a day it has even fallen on the hard floor several times!

I bought this mouse because I was getting severe wrist pain and inflammation with a smaller one that I had, and this mouse completely saved my wrist and a trip to the doctor! The mouse generally lasts almost a week before recharging it. I love how you can use it on any surface. I have used it on my bed, a glass table, and a plastic table with no problems. I highly recommend it to anyone who frequently uses design and architectural programs as well. Love not needing to change batteries. Looking forward to Magic Mouse 3!

Best Finger Shortcut Gestures to use with MacBook / Yosemite

Flag as inappropriate Not a hater really but I agree with them on this one Cause now it takes too muck of a finger power to press for a click. Flag as inappropriate Suggestion for a new feature for Magic Mouse. Great mouse except for one serious design flaw, it can't be used while charging.

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Apple needs to address this issue! Flag as inappropriate Mouse. I've used the Magic Mouse 2 for about a month now, and for me at least, there are elements of this mouse that I like very much, but also elements of it that prevent it from being a great mouse: pros: 1. I do like the sleek form factor of the mouse, and the design is consistent with Apple's modern, stylish lineup of products.

However, the small form factor, despite its pleasing appearance, also poses issues below. The bluetooth connection works flawlessly, never have issues with connection, and I also like that I can click on the mouse to bring my macbook pro out of sleep.

HP Pavilion dm1z

There's really no competition in this space: the mouse supports a number of gestures that are comparable to gestures you can perform on the trackpad. This makes the mouse very suitable for general mac use. Works well on a wooden table without a mousepad. Good battery life.

Apple working to fix keyboard, trackpad unresponsiveness in new MacBook Pros

Due to it's small, and uniform form factor, it's ergonomically awkward and uncomfortable. Hence, I'll still stick with my Logitech when I'm working on applications that requires a lot of mouse use such as Capture Pro 10, Photoshop, etc. The right click, while it works, is very inconsistent.

I think I've found a sweet spot to click to get the right click working, but it's certainly not as consistent or easy as in requiring no additional effort as using mice with a dedicated button for right clicking. My recommendation would be to still go ahead and get this mouse if being able to do gestures is important to you. Flag as inappropriate Not bad for general computing.

I haven't had any the connectivity issues reported, nor any of the tracking or precision issues reported. My mouse connects immediately, it's responsive, and if I need more precision, I just slow down the tracking for the task at hand and speed it up when I'm done. Battery life is wholly dependent on usage, and time between charges for me varies.

However, when I do have to charge, I'm done working until the mouse is recharged - the charging port being on the bottom of the mouse is, for lack of a more suitable term, a stupid design. I used rechargeable batteries in my original Magic Mouse; when they got low, I swapped them for recharged batteries and kept working.

Now I need to plug in and walk away until this is one is recharged. I wonder how many charges the internal battery is good for? How many more batteries will now end up in landfill? Everything about this mouse is great for me at least except the charging port. A very poor design decision that should never have been approved. Flag as inappropriate Great Mouse, but charging design is seriously flawed. The battery lasts just a couple of days when used intensively. The charging connector is a standard Lightning port The top surface's scrolling feature is really smart and helpful, but its design is suited for small to medium hands, those, like me, with medium-large hands, will find it uncomfortable.

Probably great if you're new to Apple products

It is also quite heavy and that is bad for precision. At least the Magic Mouse 1 had replaceable batteries which lasted for months, this mouse forces you to put it aside while charging, every other day. Honestly I'm really disappointed, as an Apple enthusiast, this mouse is quite a disappointment. The previous version war better. It's time to design something really new and more functional. Flag as inappropriate This is not what I would expect from Apple. The most amazing mouse ever if you're just browsing email or the web, but things get tricky if you're doing anything that requires precision e.

The problem is that the entire surface of the mouse is a scroll wheel, so if you're using your index finger to click on the left side any slight inadvertent touch with another finger on the right side can engage the scrolling process.

50 Reasons to Switch From Mac to PC

The screen becomes a moving target. It gets frustrating! Flag as inappropriate Tricky with Excel. After using the magic mouse2 for a week, I ended up returning it and upgraded to Track Pad 2. Problem with the mouse was that it would lose bluetooth connection for a second or so, or it wasn't fluid as there was minor stuttering. Lastly, I didn't like where the charging port was located at. These may not be big issues for you, but I like to work fluidly as much as possible.

Flag as inappropriate mouse returned. Reading others' reviews, the key theme seems to be that this is a great mouse if you're new to Apple products or have suffered through the apparently even worse? Magic Mouse 1.

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Magic Mouse 2 is capable of so much, but the developers have severely restricted the usability. Tap to click, a standard on MacBooks for years since perhaps , is not even an option in the system preferences for this. Instead, you must download 3rd party applications that are inelegant at best, but most often seem to render the MM2 nearly unusable by overriding so many of Apple's default settings, creating unpredictable conflicts.