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Share your encrypted files between any compatible Windows Computer, Apple Mac or Android device via the cloud, Email or any other file sharing App. Kruptos is a one-stop data security center for Windows, Mac OS and Android systems that quickly encrypts data. Computer World. Kruptos 2 Professional - smart, comprehensive and secure tool that locks your sensitive data by encrypting it using reliable and efficient encryption methods. This company created a very easy to use product with "Excellent Customer Service" both pre-sale and post-sale.

I wish all software companies were this responsive. It is so nice to deal with a company that has a good product and actually understands customer service. Probably the best and well thought out encryption apps, especially in conjunction with the windows version. Very cool keeps stuff protected I use the desktop version and usb version and it works great this is not different awesome products. This is the best encryption software you will find.

Not only is it robust, but it's very easy to use. This is the true sign of a quality product.

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If you're managing sensitive files, you must have Kruptos! Extremely stable, file encryption software, i have tried just about everything out there to find one reliable enough to use for our business and personal use. This has been great for the past 2 years, i highly recommend it all. Kruptos 2 Professional is an easy to use file encryption program that uses bit encryption to password protect your private files and prevent them from being modified, read or even accessed without the correct password. With Kruptos 2 you can password protect all your sensitive personal and commercial information including your photos, movies, credit card data, tax returns or any other private document.

Once encrypted, you can share your secured files via Dropbox, Google drive, Gmail and many other file sharing Apps. Microsoft helped the NSA get around its encryption systems so the agency could more easily spy on users of its services read more. It's great that you're thinking about protecting your files, with all kinds of snoops out there from big government to identity thieves.

How to password protect a flash drive for windows AND Mac? | MacRumors Forums

Kruptos 2 Professional offers strong, versatile data encryption in an affordable, attractive, and easy-to-use package. Similar freeware is available, but security software is not the place to put "you get what you pay for" to the test.

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Kruptos 2 uses powerful, bit encryption to encrypt files and folders so that only you can read them. It's particularly useful for USB flash drives and portable storage devices, because you can encrypt the entire device, so you need not worry. Using the program could hardly be simpler. You have the option of using the right click context menu to encrypt a selection of individual files or folders, but you can also use the program interface if you are working with files that are stored in different locations Kruptos 2 offers a more mobile and much higher-horsepower way to safeguard sensitive data.

Kruptos 2 does actual encryption of files and folders via bit Blowfish , and it throws in a file shredding feature for good measure. Yet despite the program's arsenal of advanced capabilities, it still manages to do well in the area of ease-of-use. Kruptos 2 Professional. Encrypt and Secure. PDF encryption. Password protect your Photos and Movies. Secure any document on your Computer. Encrypt any file on your Android device. Password protect your USB device. Search Advanced…. How to password protect a flash drive for windows AND Mac?

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Password Protect your USB or External Hard drive without 3rd party software in macOS Mojave

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jul 19, 2, Ohio. I have a Cruzer flash drive by Sandisk and I'm wondering if there is a way to password protect it so that if I use it on a Mac or PC it will prompt the user for a password before allowing access to the files on it. I left my flash drive in a computer at school over the weekend and luckily I got it back, but just in case I lose it I don't want someone having access to all of my stuff. Plus it was more of a vault. If anyone has any suggestions that'd be great.

And also, I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this; the others didn't seem to fit. Thanks guys. Aug 24, 1. The easiest solution that comes to mind is a password-protected ZIP file. Keep your data in one of those and you're good to go.

How to password protect a folder on Windows and MacOS

The issue is you'll have to re-zip an un-zip all your files as needed, but there really are not that many cross-platform ways to keep your files secure. I transfer data back and forth all day long so that's not the best option for me. My solution that I do actually use myself is to create my own network share at home and open it up to the internet. It's passworded, and would do everything you want it to, but it's a bit complicated to set up, and you have to have a router with a USB port, or a computer that you can leave on at all times for access to the drive.

Password Protect a USB Flash Drive on Mac without Erasing Data

If you happen to have such a setup, then I can help you get it up and running. The flash drive is transferred between school and home, so the network share option wouldn't work for me. Sep 6, 21 WA. I wouldn't trust a password protected zip.