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Any help is greatly appreciated. Mar 7, 14, 35 Texas. Feb 11, 49 0. Airport Express? Share from PC - Probably, but I'd rather have the printer and scanner available to either via wifi. Airport has only one USB port and I need two. It's not really designed to do what I'm asking. I'm thinking of getting this, unless someone "out there" thinks this is a total disaster. It seems to do what I want - a very simple thing You would think this would be a commonly available device - it's so seemingly basic to connecting older and newer electronic peripherals.

I guess we're supposed to buy new stuff every time.

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Much appreciated! Giuly macrumors Oct 16, 3, 2 That depends whether you ask for timezone, state o. The Silex Dual Band Last edited: Feb 23, That looks very good, yet is pretty expensive and is more a router than what I was after. Check out this website - I'm ordering it and hope it's what I'm looking for.

From the specs, it looks good. And, it's not sooo expensive not cheap, either. Edit: Oops - forgot website info Last edited: Feb 24, Apr 29, 1, 36 Xhystos.

The Silex stuff is exactly what you want. It's not a router, it's a USB server. I've had these for years, very solid and don't drop connections. It was so good that I bought another one for my office.

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My mouse is essential, but then I would have to take out the USB for the mouse to put the one in for my camera to download photos … plus other devices. Using this, I have four USB ports. It is perfect. I have a new MacBook Pro, the kind with the special toolbar, and finding a port replicator has been a real issue. But this is different.

I plugged all my cables in, plugged this into my laptop, and my video popped up, and lo and behold, the Ethernet was working, too. Not only that, but I plugged my Type-C charger into the extra Type-C port on this device and it began charging my device at full speed.

I am so happy with this, I want to tell everyone with a MacBook to run out and buy one. The device is nice and sturdy; it has plenty of ports. I love that they added the memory-card slots, too. I plugged it into the MacBook, tight fit. So far, so good. Everything mounted and worked perfectly! This is so great, I got a second one, some extension cords, and taped them together to make a superlight and versatile USB hub.

The two hubs together have a higher cumulative bandwidth and create no noticeable lag. These are awesome.

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The size, the look, the little blue light underneath it. Now I understand why they have the light because you may forget where you place it. If I could, I would have this all over my home. It charges very rapidly compared to other similar products.

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I have to move it around so many times because I constantly want to charge my device from it. This is the product to own. I may have to buy a few more in the near future. Nonetheless, I decided to try it out. To my utter surprise and delight, it worked. In fact, it is the only hub I have tried that does. The irony is that it is the least expensive one I bought.

Belkin wireless USB hub uses Ultra Wideband tech

I usually run my GPS off of this hub and charge my phone. While I have never used all five ports at once, I love looking down and seeing ports to spare in case I need them. About eight inches total, tip to tip. Perfect for getting your keyboard and mouse down to one cable.