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Not correct but not hard. I got excited and created an account to help everyone else out.

How to Remove Headers & Footers in Word 2007 : Tech Yeah!

Then, I checked my document and I realized I had just made header left and header be able to be different. Which, I think is for books so the left page and right page can look different and doesn't help the problem of first page being one thing, and then ALL following pages being the same but different from the first page. What I did was essentially to make every other page the same as each other. So, I'm looking for help too, also writing an APA paper that needs one header on first page that is special from all the rest.

Sorry if I am writing against survival guide rules, but, I wanted to explain what was happening to me, as a way to hopefully get a clearer answer. I can't "apply" the page style for some reason. I have the nice page break, and it allowed different headers, but on page 3 it was the same as page 1. Is there an exact word that I should look for instead of "apply? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. But I am going to do it anyway. I understand that this is not Microsoft, nor should it be. Their way is not always the best. I understand the Headers are per style in Ooo.

I understand you can have multiple different styles in a given document and that is the way it has been suggested to solve this unsolved problem. The way the solution is being suggested above is not a solution, but a kludge.

Microsoft Word (Mac)/Putting Page Numbers on the Page

Trying to make something that has a shortcoming work as if it doesn't have one. This is what all the frustration is about in this thread and my son is screaming at Ooo that it is stupid and has now refused to work with it because he says it doesn't work. I feel that this option is needed and would work in the following way. This is not asking for change of how styles are applied to documents, or that there isn't a need to have multiple styles in a document. But just allow for the first page of a given style to have a different header. From the sheer number of views this thread had received, it is obvious it is a problem or frustration to many people.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel that the mods and OpenOffice have put on blinders with respect to this because they feel there is a solution that works, all be it that it is an arcane way of doing it. You have forgotten to listen to your audience. Please, edit this topic's initial post and add "[Solved]" to the subject line if your problem has been solved. If you do not check the option, the styles act exactly like they are now. You are making my point exactly when I wrote " I feel that the mods and OpenOffice have put on blinders with respect to this because they feel there is a solution that works, all be it that it is an arcane way of doing it.

You assume that everyone understands the subtle ways that a style can be applied to a document and the ramifications of doing that. Until I researched this, I didn't even know you could apply multiple styles to a single document. What happens if I install this program on my fathers computer. Will he understand that easily, or will he want to take a class just to use a word processor? Think about your audience. Look how many people have accessed this thread. Is this an issue seen by many people? Is this pointing towards an implementation of something in the program that could be simplified a little without taking away anything from the current ability to apply many different styles to a document?

Just like it is allowed to be different on the left and right pages within the style. This "Different content on first page" is along those same lines.

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If you can not see that, then you are truly blinded by your own paradigm. No one here can do anything about it.

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Getting the page layout configured is known to cause lots of confusion and problems and there are already open issues in the project bug-tracking database asking for improvements. The bottom line just my opinion, of course : yes, it's confusing and difficult to get started with but once you see how it works it's not hard to manage. It will take a lot of work to fix it right so we might as well help each other to make the best of what we have now.

If you want to get it straight, go through my structure example here: [Example] Document structure and numbering or the the page numbering tutorial linked from the structure thread. Board index All times are UTC. Have a look at Zotero. With any luck it will download all your references from the internet and format them correctly in an paper where you cite them. Follow these steps to correct the problem:.

Sign in. Section breaks Open your document in Word. From the View menu, select Draft. You should see a section break just before the Table of Contents. If a section break is present, skip to Step 4. Similarly, check for a section break just before the start of Chapter 1. If the section break is missing, place your cursor just in front of the first word in the title of Chapter 1.

Preliminary pages all pages before the Table of Contents Place the cursor anywhere on the title page. On the View menu, select Header and Footer.

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Scroll to the footer on the title page. If you see a page number in the footer, select the number and press the Delete key. If you do not see a page number in the footer, go to the next step.


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On the View menu, select Formatting Palette. In the Formatting Palette that displays at the right, select the Header and Footer section to display its contents. Place the cursor within the footer.

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